Educational Systems Theory

Property: System Environmental Change


"Educational system environmental change is a difference in educational system environment." (p. 48)


System environment is characterized by uncertainty of occurrences. For example, if only white people had previously applied for admission to an educational system, then there is no uncertainty in the choice environment with respect to ethnicity. If at a later time a number of African American and Hispanic students begin applying for admission, then the uncertainty in the choice environment has changed. There is greater uncertainty as to whether the next applicant will be Hispanic, African American or Anglo.


In recent history, one example of system environmental change is that more students who apply for admission come from one-parent families, compared to 40 years ago when most came from two-parent families. Nowadays, educational systems have many more choices for mediated information. In the middle of the 20th century, textbooks and educational films were available for selection. Near the end of this century, educational systems have available for selection numerous kinds of educational videotapes, multimedia computer software, and many more choices of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines. Another change is that more prospective students are now on drugs and carry weapons with them, compared to 40 years ago. This is system environmental change.

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Hypotheses Containing the Property: system environmental change

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