Products & Services

Products and Services

University Institutional Research and Reporting (UIRR) is part of the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs. We produce recurrent ad hoc reports and studies to support planning, development, evaluation, and improvement of university initiatives, programs, services, and resources.


Our reports fall into two general categories:


We complete a portion of the reports required of the university by state and federal agencies as well as other requests for institutional information from commercial and nonprofit agencies.


Official university reports on admissions, enrollment, retention, graduation rates, degree completions, and financial aid for all Indiana University campuses.


Our first obligation is to meet the information and analysis needs of the senior university and campus leadership, starting with the president, Bloomington provost, and campus chancellors. However, the office also has the capacity to provide information, analysis, and consulting services to faculty, administrators, and staff throughout the university on a case-by-case basis as resources allow.

Environmental Scanning

Information and analysis about the environment for higher education planning at the institutional and program level, including comparative institutional analyses, regional and national population demographics, job market trends, and so on.

Institutional Information Request

Tables and charts derived from data collected within IU’s operational information systems. Our specialty is for student and academic program-related data, but we can also incorporate information about faculty, staff, and financial resources.

Institutional Analyses

More sophisticated tabular, graphical, and statistical analyses of institutional, external, and survey data. Examples include factors related to student persistence, the impact of financial aid on enrollment and persistence, faculty and staff turnover, and so forth. See the special reports for samples of the types of analyses we can conduct.

Planning Support

Assistance with developing and implementing inclusive planning methodologies; developing mission, vision, and objectives statements; establishing processes for annual reporting; and performance measurement and tracking.

Program Evaluation

Consulting service for both quantitative and qualitative approaches to determining the effectiveness of academic and administrative programs.

Surveys and Assessment Consulting

Guidance for deciding when and how to use surveys and other assessment tools for providing needed information for institutional and program planning, evaluation, and improvement purposes.

For more information about our services, please submit a request for our services using our online form.