Institutional Research

University-wide Institutional Research Services and Resources

We serve the institutional research needs of Indiana University through three general activities:

  • Conducting institutional research studies to inform the entire university community on pertinent issues that impact higher education institutional planning, management, and operation.
  • Coordinating with IU campus institutional research staff and offices to promote the quality and consistency of work across campuses.
  • Developing information resources to broaden access to and effective use of institutional data for university- and campus-level strategic and tactical decision making.
Institutional Research Council (IRC)

The primary objective of the Indiana University Institutional Research Council (IRC) is to promote and align the development of institutional research capacities across the campuses of Indiana University. Members of the IRC communicate regularly to ensure that institutional research at Indiana University is effective at all levels and supports both campus-specific and university-wide needs in a consistent way.

The IRC conducts its work through a series of projects to improve information resources for and the practice of institutional research.

Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE)

IUIE is one of the primary data repositories for reporting and analysis of institutional data. It is maintained by University Information Technology Services Enterprise Decision Support Services Team and is available directly or through OneStart. We maintain specific data tables for institutional research and analysis within the IUIE environment.