Reports: Standard


University Institutional Research and Reporting produces a number of internal and official enrollment reports for each semester and summer session. The first-day reports (internal only) provide summary views of enrollment at the beginning of the semester. Official enrollment reports include basic statistics about enrollment, credit hours, and FTE* totals for each campus, as well as various demographic and class standing views. The long report gives detailed information on enrollment for each campus, by race/ethnicity, level, school and division, and comparative data from the previous year.

*FTE, or Full Time Equivalent, is a measure derived from the credit loads of students. It can be calculated on a semester or annual basis. For undergraduates, total credits are divided by 15 for the semester measure and 30 for the annual measure. For graduate students (master’s, doctoral, and non-degree), the divisors are 12 for semester and 24 for the annual measure. For graduate-Professional students (medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry), Indiana University uses the undergraduate divisors (15/30) but the Commission for Higher Education employs the graduate divisors (12/24).

Official Enrollment

Official reports are based on standard, census snapshot views and include two editions, a short report and a long report.

Census Study

The census study tracks headcounts and credit hours enrolled on a daily basis from the start of classes until mid-semester.

Enrollment Projections

Enrollment projections are the basis for preliminary fee income estimation, enrollment change funding calculations, updates to higher education services plans, bond rating services, and other internal and external reports and analyses.

The model used predicts freshman enrollment at IU campuses by looking at 1st, 6th, 9th, and high school graduation data by county. The model uses actual data for current and past years, and for predicting future enrollments, uses average progression rates from one of these grades to the next by county.

First Day

First day reports are generated from enrollment data from the first day of the term/session and provide detailed information for each campus (internal use only).

Historical Enrollment

These short reports give a year-by-year total of students, credit hours and full-time equivalent (FTE) for each semester or summer session.

Summer Registration

The Summer Registration project tracks headcount and credit hours enrolled on a weekly basis from the start of the last starting date in April.