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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


Concerning flexible benefit plans, the Faculty Council adopted the following:

A resolution of the Trustees:
We feel that the faculty should be consulted before any move is taken that would have such tremendous impact.

(Approved: BFC 4/21/92)

The Bloomington Faculty Council wishes to express opposition to the policy of shifting compensation from fringe benefits, with regard to health care costs, to salaries.

The Bloomington Faculty Council would like to go on record stating as a matter of principle that we believe that the promises made to people who joined the faculty as enunciated in Faculty Handbooks of various vintages be honored.

(Approved: BFC 9/15/92)

1. The UFC Fringe Benefits Committee appreciates being involved in discussions concerning any potential changes in fringe benefits programs, including such programs as "flexible benefits plans." Through this resolution we of the UFC go on record as stating that the UFC and its appropriate committees expect to be fully involved not only in discussing the nature of such programs and how they might be implemented but whether such programs are in the interest of both the institution and its employees.
2. Through this resolution, the UFC goes on record as opposing any reduction of existing faculty retirement or early retirement programs.
3. The UFC requests that the Trustees of Indiana University act favorably on the four revisions of retirement proposed in 1991 and not yet considered--as soon as relevant IRS rulings make such action appropriate. These four include:

A. Retirement under 18-20 at age 62.

B. Retirement for 18-20 participants under a plan equivalent to the new (post-1989) early retirement program, at the option of individual faculty members.

C. The phased early retirement program.

D. TIAA/CREF payments for faculty summer employment.

(Approved: UFC 2/11/92)

The formation of the Commission on Health Care:

The UFC Co-Secretaries together with leadership from existing staff councils, the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, two representatives of the UFC Fringe Benefits Committee, and two representatives of the Staff Benefits Committee shall be empowered to appoint a Commission on Health Care (CHC).

(Approved: UFC 2/9/93)

Retirees as a group should not be eliminated from the IU health care PCI (Preferred Care of Indiana) program or separated as a self-insuring risk pool within the program.

(Approved: UFC 9/22/92, 3/9/93)

The University Faculty Council endorses the principle of preserving the current relative percentages for allocating the total cost of employee health care. That is, the percentage of total health care cost borne by employees should be constant from year to year. Total health care cost would include direct payments to providers through deductibles and co-payments, employee premiums routed through the university, and university contributions to health care costs.

(Approved: UFC 5/12/93)