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This is an archived version of the policy. For current information go here

Fee Courtesy

(Administrative Practice)

Eligible individuals may receive an IU subsidy toward the tuition costs associated with attending Indiana University classes.

The following categories of individuals associated with Indiana University are eligible for the Fee Courtesy benefit and the IUHS tuition waiver:

  • Appointed full-time (100%) Faculty and Staff employed by the end of the first week of the semester or session.
  • Appointed full-time (100%) Faculty and Staff on an approved leave of absence.
  • Individuals with IU Retiree status.
  • Disabled former employees receiving long-term disability benefits from a University-sponsored plan, Social Security Administration, or PERF.
  • The spouse, registered domestic partner, and dependent children of an individual in any of these categories.

Excluded from fee courtesy are special fees such as those for applied music, student teaching, laboratories, education early experience, dissertation research (G901 and B798), rental of special equipment or facilities, and fees for non-credit courses.


The benefit is a subsidy of covered tuition up to a dollar maximum per semester (both summer sessions combined are considered one semester) based on the Indiana resident per-credit-hour rates at each campus, and in the case of some employees, on class standing (undergraduate, graduate, or professional). Covered tuition does include independent study and audit hours. Dollar maximums for each campus can be found at (www.indiana.edu/~uhrs/benefits ) and are adjusted from time to time.


A dependent child is defined as a child, stepchild, or a child whose legal guardian is an eligible individual, or a child of a deceased parent or legal guardian who was an eligible employee at the time of death (provided the child was a legal dependent at the time of the parent or guardian’s death), and on the first day of the session for which fee courtesy is being sought:

  • is 23 years of age or under, and
  • is unmarried, and
  • meets the IRS Support test as a dependent of the employee, spouse or registered same sex partner

The fee courtesy for dependent children is a subsidy of 50% of the Indiana resident undergraduate rate, for a maximum of the first 140 credit hours (which includes transfer hours) or the first baccalaureate degree.