Policy A-21

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: Faculty Council 3/7/67)

1. Vacations are allowed and encouraged for the purpose of increasing individual efficiency and usefulness of the academic staff.
2. All staff members on twelve months' appointments are entitled to one month's vacation with full compensation for each calendar year.
3. Such vacations are not accumulative, i.e., if vacation time is not taken during one year the individual is not entitled to two months' vacation during the next year.
4. During a vacation period for which an individual receives his regular monthly compensation, it is understood that he/she shall not accept or receive compensation for full-time employment elsewhere.
5. Although vacations need not be taken at the same time each year, the vacation period in any year should not follow immediately the vacation period of the preceding year.
6. No staff member can expect additional compensation in lieu of vacation.

Vacation Policy Amendment

(Approved: Trustees 4/21/67)

The Faculty Council has recommended a change in vacation policy for academic staff on twelve months' appointment to allow them one month's vacation with full compensation for each calendar year, not to be accumulative. The present statement has been interpreted by some departments to mean that no person on a twelve months' academic appointment could have terminal leave, and this revision is intended to correct the inequities and inconsistencies that have arisen in interpretation of the policy.