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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: BFC 11/21/78; 2/21/89; 4/20/99; 11/15/11)


Faculty often enter a very productive phase of their scholarly and artistic careers when they retire. Their publications, performances, and creations redound to the reputation of IU and provide an inspiration to colleagues and students. Although the privileges granted retired and emeriti faculty are in part recognition for their past service, they also are intended to encourage emeriti contributions to the intellectual life of this academic community. In pursuit of this goal the Office of the Provost supports Emeriti House, a shared space for retired faculty members offering a rich program of social and academic activities and guest work stations.


Retired and emeriti faculty members and librarians shall be listed in the following publications of the Bloomington Campus where appropriate:

  1. The Indiana University Bulletins of Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum under the appropriate school and departmental Listings.
  2. Promotional literature developed by offices of the university when departmental and school listings of faculty are made.
  3. All other publications and websites.


  1. Retired faculty and librarians are encouraged to submit Faculty Annual Reports on the usual forms, listing their achievements and honors in the standard manner. Though in no way a requirement, submitting materials helps Indiana University continue to showcase the ongoing contributions of retired faculty.
  2. They are invited to participate in Freshman Induction, Founders' Day, Commencement and other university and campus ceremonies.
  3. They are encouraged to participate in Faculty Council and university committees. Participation in official department or school business is decided at the discretion of the academic unit.
  4. Retired faculty provide an important academic resource for both current faculty and students. Departments and schools are encouraged to include them in the formal and informal activities of the unit including events such as colloquia, conferences, faculty wide parties, etc…
  5. An annual survey should be circulated by the Bloomington Faculty Council to Bloomington area retired faculty and librarians to determine their interest in committee work.

Use of a University Office, Laboratory, or Studio Space

  1. Retired faculty seeking on-campus office, laboratory or studio space should work with their chair, dean and the Office of Space Management to see if suitable space can be found. The University will make every reasonable effort to secure work space for retired faculty members.
  2. Retired faculty members are entitled to remain in their work spaces for 60 days after retirement. Vacated offices, laboratories and studios must be left empty and ready for the campus to transition the space for immediate use by a successor faculty member or for other purposes that are deemed necessary for the operation of the university.
  3. In disputes pertaining to allocations of space, retired faculty members retain their rights to pursue redress through the Indiana University Bloomington Faculty Grievance and Review Procedures. Details are available at: https://www.indiana.edu/~vpfaa/academicguide/index.php/Policy_D-22

Special Benefits

1. The following benefits are at this time extended to retired faculty and librarians.

a. Faculty with IU Retiree status are entitled to certain benefits such as tuition cost subsidies, life insurance and medical care. Details are available from University Human Resource Services: http://hr.iu.edu/benefits/retirestatus.html .
b. Membership rates to SRSC facilities, Wildermuth Intramural Center and HPER building equal to those of current faculty and staff.
c. Ability to download university-distributed software via IUware (subject to continuing vendor licensing). *

* This applies to spouses and partners of retired faculty and librarians as well.

2. The following benefits are at this time extended to retired faculty and librarians and their spouses or partners, as well as spouses or partners of deceased faculty.

a. Library borrowing and access privileges.
b. Free mailing of the Indiana Daily Student and the Indiana Alumni Magazine.
c. Free university bus passes
d. Reduced rates for ‘A’ parking decals.
e. Retention of priority points for the assignment of tickets and seating available for Indiana University football and basketball games in accordance with the IU Athletics Priority Points Policy.
f. 10% discount on season tickets to football and basketball games.
g. Use of the Optometry Clinic and the Speech and Hearing Clinic with charges for materials, but reduced charges for the services.
h. University Club membership paid by the campus. (Note that all University Club members receive discounted IMU parking and discounted Tudor Room prices.)
i. Continuing use of IU email.