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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: BFC 3/18/75, 9/23/75, 10/21/86, 2/7/95, 12/1/09, 04/20/10)

1. Major IUB administrative positions whose functions bear directly on the teaching/research mission of the Bloomington Campus shall be filled through a formal search and screen process similar to that used for other academic positions, entailing a search and screen committee, search forms and advertising. Applicable positions are those subject to BFC Review Procedures for Bloomington Campus Administrators. Though titles and number of positions may vary, these 17 were covered as of spring 2010:

A. Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs
B. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
C. Vice Provost for Research
D. Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
E. Dean of Students/Vice Provost for Student Affairs
F. Dean, Women's Affairs
G. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
H. Dean, Kelley School of Business
I. Dean, School of Education
J. Dean, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
K. Dean, School of Informatics and Computing
L. Dean, School of Journalism
M. Dean, Maurer School of Law
N. Dean, School of Library and Information Science
O. Dean, School of Music
P. Dean, University Libraries
Q. Affirmative Action Officer

2. To assure equal access to potential advancement opportunities, major administrators shall inform all faculty in their unit of openings for associate dean, assistant dean, director and department chair positions to be filled internally (thus not subject to regular search and screen procedures), and solicit nominations and advice.

Before making these internal appointments, administrators shall consult with their unit's representative faculty body or its elected officers, and solicit comments from the Affirmative Action Officer on the affirmative action/equal opportunity record of prospective appointees. The major administrator shall notify the Affirmative Action Officer of appointments, so the Officer can give the appointee information on personnel responsibilities in areas such as search and screen, student rights, personnel disputes and conflicts of interest.

Before filling internally other positions with academic rank, major administrators shall consult with the head of the representative faculty body and the Affirmative Action Officer as to whether faculty and other academic employees in the unit should be informed of the opening.

3. As appointing officer for major IUB administrative positions, the Provost shall appoint search committees to aid in filling them. The Provost shall appoint a search chair after consulting with the BFC President and other campus leaders as appropriate. The Provost shall select other committee members in consultation with the chair, drawing a majority of each committee from names submitted by the BFC Nomination Committee, the Professional Council and IUSA.

If the search is for dean of a school or of university libraries, faculty of that unit shall comprise a majority of the search committee. In such cases, the policy committee or other representative faculty body of the unit shall submit names to the BFC Nomination Committee.

4. When possible, the Provost shall appoint the search committee preferably a year, but at least 180 days before the vacancy occurs, thus minimizing the need for interim appointments. Except in cases where a resignation is announced more than a year in advance, the committee shall be appointed no more than 60 days after the vacancy is announced or occurs, whichever comes first.

The Provost shall convene the committee, with the BFC President in attendance, within two weeks of announcing membership.

5. To aid recruitment and consideration of people supported by federal affirmative action law, the Provost and campus groups that nominate search committee members shall make good faith efforts to place women, minorities, Vietnam-era veterans and people with disabilities on search committees. Minorities here means African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

6. Major administrative search committees shall be no larger than is necessary to represent constituencies of the position. Membership of more than 12 is unwieldy.

7. The Provost shall give the search committee a written charge stating names of committee members, the role of the committee and its chair, the job description, the scope of the search, and time line guidelines. Additional expectations may be stated in the written charge or discussed at the first meeting.

8. The search committee shall review the job description and may recommend changes to the Provost. Any such changes would be discussed with the appropriate faculty body.

9. Before publicizing the vacancy, the search committee or its chair shall meet with the IUB Affirmative Action Officer or the Officer's representative regarding the role of affirmative action and equal opportunity in searches.

10. Before starting recruitment, the search chair shall submit a Vacancy Notice to the Affirmative Action Officer and the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs. Before setting interviews, the chair shall submit an Interview Request to the Affirmative Action Officer and the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs. The Affirmative Action Officer and the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs may approve exceptions to procedures for reasons such as urgency or confidentiality. The Provost shall send copies of the offer letter, stating all terms of the offer, to the Affirmative Action Officer and the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs.

11. The search chair and Provost shall arrange for the Affirmative Action Officer to attend with other campus administrators an interview with each finalist. The Officer shall submit comments to the search committee and the provost on finalists' commitment and contribution to affirmative action and equal opportunity.

12. The search committee shall submit written recommendations, as requested in the charge, to the Provost. If the Provost rejects these, the Provost shall give the committee a statement of reasons and request further recommendations.

13. The Provost shall designate a secretarial assistant to assist the search committee with record-keeping, bookkeeping and correspondence; provide records, including ads and form letters, of the last search for the position; place ads and announcements; and make search-related travel arrangements.