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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: BFC 4/16/85, 9/24/85, 11/5/85)

A. Recruitment Incentive

The campus administration should allocate funds for hiring at least two minority faculty or librarians per year at the assistant or associate level for the next five years. Any funds not used in one or more of these five years may be used in subsequent years. The positions created would be available to all units on campus; however, in the event of multiple requests for these positions, those requesting units with demonstrable need for minority faculty would be preferred. Such positions should be made available to a department, or shared appointments in departments, on the basis of the contribution which a minority faculty member could make to the program, the candidate's promise for future contribution, and the plan of the department or departments for fostering the candidate's professional growth at Indiana University. If the minority faculty member occupying the position funded by the campus administration should leave the university by resignation or termination at any time within five years of his or her initial appointment, the position would be returned to the campus administration and reserved for another minority faculty member. The department or departments acquiring these positions would not be required to count them as part of the FTE's during the initial five years.

B. Retention and Professional Growth

In order to increase the attractiveness of offers made to minority candidates, such candidates should be eligible for special incentives to professional growth. Incentives might include the following provisions during the first three years of the faculty member's initial contact period: a reduced teaching load to facilitate research and publications; one or more university- funded summer research grants; full transportation to one or more professional conferences each year. An arrangement should be made within the appointing department or between the two appointing departments for regular encouragement and assistance to the faculty member's professional growth. When appropriate, the candidate's appointment might be primarily in his or her academic field and secondarily in another department which could assist in providing such a supportive environment, such as the Department of Afro-American Studies.

C. Minority and Women Tenure Incentives

The campus administration should allocate funds for the hiring of at least one woman and one minority at the tenured level each year for the next five years. The persons selected for these positions would have the same credentials as those persons on our campus who are tenured. The funds for these appointments would be available to all departments, and priority should be given to those departments with demonstrable need for additional faculty.

D. Mechanisms for Implementing This Proposal

The campus administration would establish a campus-wide committee to help identify qualified minority and women candidates for faculty appointments. The committee should include advocacy deans, the Affirmative Action Officer, and faculty members who are committed to affirmative action. An annual report should be made by this committee to the Bloomington Faculty Council Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee.