Policy B-8

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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: BFC 3/4/86)

We propose the establishment of a minority summer faculty recruitment program in which each year for three years, beginning in the summer of 1986, up to 15 qualified Black, Hispanic, and Native American scholars and scientists are invited to teach one class on the Bloomington Campus during the second (8-week) Summer Session. Each visiting faculty member in this program will be paid by the department or school in which he or she teaches a summer salary equivalent to that ordinarily paid to a faculty member at the same rank. This salary will be paid from the summer budget of the department or school; it will be supplemented by an award of $2500 from the Vice President's office which the department or school can use to defray the travel and living expenses and assist the research of the visiting faculty member. The program will be directed by a tenured faculty member appointed by and reporting to the Vice President, IUB. The purpose of the program is to introduce to the campus minority faculty members to whom departments and schools might later appropriately offer a faculty appointment.