Policy D-18

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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: BFC 11/1/88; Amended: BFC Agenda Committee 5/22/09)

Resolution 1:

A. The Bloomington faculty has constitutional authority to establish policies regarding academic program initiatives which establish new programs or revise existing ones.

B. The Bloomington Faculty Council confirms the authority of the faculties of the schools to establish and revise academic programs, including programs which they may establish by negotiation with other schools.

C. Academic program initiatives on the Bloomington Campus not authorized by the faculty of a school must be approved by the Bloomington Faculty Council.

D. Where the faculty of a school considers that its academic programs will be adversely affected by an academic program initiative of another school, either school may refer the matter to the Bloomington Faculty Council to make policy recommendations to the Provost on the questions raised by the conflict.

E. The Educational Policy Committee and the Faculty Affairs Committee should establish and maintain liaison with the policy and curriculum committees of the schools.

F. When the Budgetary Affairs Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council considers the budgetary implications of academic program initiatives, that committee should refer initiatives to the Agenda Committee when matters of campus-wide academic policy may be involved.

Resolution 2:

The University Faculty Council and the campus faculty councils should review our faculty constitutions to determine what constitutional revisions are needed in light of the university's current complex structure and missions.