Policy D-26

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: UFC, 2/9/99; Trustees, 3/26/99)

The quality and integrity of academic programs depend upon the performance of individual faculty. Indiana University as an institution and its faculty members have a mutual and reciprocal commitment to ensure the ongoing productivity of individuals throughout their academic careers. Peer review is an essential aspect of continued improvement and faculty development.

Each campus shall have:

1. Procedures for annual merit review of faculty performance that comply with Principles Guiding Indiana University Faculty/Librarian Salary Policy (University Faculty Council, April 25, 1989)
2. Procedures for evaluation of faculty performance on occasion of reappointment, appointment with tenure, and promotion in rank that comply with the provisions on Academic Advancement (standards, procedures, and annual review) in the Academic Handbook.
3. Procedures, adopted by faculty governance, for review, remediation, and sanction (including sanction of dismissal) of faculty conduct that violates the rules of the University or fails to meet generally understood and accepted standards of professional conduct.
The procedures for review, remediation, and sanction of faculty conduct shall:
A. Preserve academic freedom.
B. Protect due process.
C. Recognize situational differences of diverse faculty.
D. Establish professional development as a goal.
E. Define a mechanism for initiating the in-depth review process.
F. Rely upon peer review at all steps in the process.
G. Incorporate existing faculty review mechanisms.
H. Include the concept of intermediate sanctions prior to dismissal proceedings.
I. Establish dismissal process consequent to misconduct or incompetence.
J. Specify outcome criteria for assessment of the effectiveness of the policy at the time of implementation of the policy.