Policy D-7

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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: BFC 3/22/83, 1/15/85)

1. The Bloomington Faculty Council recommends that the dean of each school on the Bloomington Campus appoint a faculty committee to establish procedures for the nomination and election of a policy committee by the faculty of that school.

A. To formulate policies about school affairs in the areas of faculty authority listed in Article II, Section 7, of the Constitution of the Bloomington Faculty in consultation with the dean of the school and
B. To advise the dean in the exercise of the dean's authority.

2. The existence of such policy committees does not remove the authority of the faculty of identifiable subunits of a school to take appropriate action affecting these subunits.

3. If a majority of the faculty of a given school indicates in a referendum that it considers an elected policy committee inappropriate for its school, it may delegate the authority granted it under the Bloomington Faculty Constitution to another faculty committee or to the school's faculty as a whole. This committee or the school's faculty as a whole shall then be regarded as equivalent to an elected policy or advisory committee.

4. In order to ensure communication between the BFC and school or college policy committees and comply with the provisions of Bylaw 7 of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the President Tempore of the BFC shall solicit the names of the representatives of the elected policy committees from each of the school deans early in the fall semester. The President Pro Tempore shall, on the basis of these lists, determine whether or not each school policy committee is represented in the membership of the BFC. If such representation is lacking, the President Pro Tempore shall request that school or college policy committee to elect a representative to attend BFC meetings as an observer with speaking privileges.

5. Inasmuch as #3 of this policy recognizes that individual circumstances in the schools will determine the form of each school policy committee, for purposes of clarification, Bloomington campus policy committees are understood to be:

A. College of Arts and Sciences: COAS Policy Committee
B. Graduate School: Graduate School Council
C. School of Business: Academic Council
D. School of Education: Policy Council
E. School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation: Administrative Council
F. School of Informatics and Computing: Policy Committee
G. School of Law: Dean's Advisory Committee
H. School of Library and Information Science: faculty as a committee of the whole
I. School of Music: School of Music Council
J. School of Optometry: faculty as a committee of the whole
K. School of Public and Environmental Affairs: Policy Committee
L. University Libraries: Bloomington Library Faculty Council