Policy E-11

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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: BFC 3/3, 3/24, 4/7, 4/21/92)

1. The BFC endorses the principle that excellent teaching be accorded equivalent status and rewards as are allocated to excellent research.

2. The BFC requests that the College and School Policy Committees, in response to this endorsement, move to implement those specific elements of the report [Circular B28-92] that are appropriate to their units. Policy Committees are requested to report their progress to the Agenda Committee by January 1, 1993.

3. The BFC recommends that funding be sought to permit university teaching awards entailing an annual supplement to a faculty member's salary.

4. The BFC recommends the amendment of the Academic Handbook paragraph on CRITERIA FOR PROMOTION [page 26 of June 1988 edition] to read as follows: [The modified Criteria for Promotion approved by the UFC and the Trustees in 1994 appear in Policy E-7.]

5. The BFC recommends that data on individual teaching assignments, course levels, contact hours, and course enrollments should be published and circulated within departmental units. They should be part of the public record. Data should be available through the Office of the Registrar.