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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: BFC, 03/04/2003; 03/20/2012)

Faculty members and librarians in tenure-track positions are expected to be reappointed continuously up to the tenure review. Departments and schools are expected to provide opportunities, resources, guidance and mentoring to tenure-track faculty in order to help them succeed in achieving a performance record in research/creative activity, teaching and service/engagement sufficient for tenure.

In some cases, a department or school will decide that progress of a faculty member/librarian indicates that a positive tenure decision will be unlikely, and they will choose not to reappoint the candidate for additional probationary years beyond the end of the present contract. This non-reappointment decision should follow from the unit’s policies and practices for reviews of tenure probationary faculty, and include a vote by eligible tenured faculty.

Upon receiving written notice of non-reappointment from the chair or dean at any point during the probationary period, the tenure-probationary faculty member/librarian (“candidate”) has two options:

(a) request further review within thirty (30) days and subsequently assemble an augmented dossier. The candidate is responsible for supplying all new material except evaluative reports and recommendations prepared by review committees and administrators. The augmented dossier is returned to the department/school for additional review and vote by eligible tenured faculty and the chair/dean. If the prior judgment of non-reappointment is sustained, the candidate may request that the augmented dossier (including review reports from the home unit and a recommendation from the chair or dean) be sent for further review by the school (in departmentalized units) and the campus level promotion and tenure committee, with final decision by the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs. It is expected that the review would be completed before the end of the present contract.

(b) waive the right to further review by acknowledging in writing that the appointment at IUB will terminate on or before the end of present contract. If the candidate fails to provide this written acknowledgement and fails to request further review within thirty (30) days, the academic appointment shall expire at the end of the present contract.

Appeals of non-reappointment decisions may be made to the Mediation Committee and/or the Faculty Board of Review.