Policy E-19

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: Trustees 2/25/72)

A. A progression of ranks shall be established for librarians as follows: (1) Affiliate Librarian; (2) Assistant Librarian; (3) Associate Librarian; and (4) Librarian.

B. Advancement within the library ranks shall be by promotion. Recommendations for promotion in rank shall be processed as follows:

1. Recommendation prepared by supervisor of person under consideration and forwarded to the head of the appropriate library division for action;
2. Recommendations of the head of each library division are forwarded to the appropriate chancellor/provost for review and recommended action;
3. Chancellor's/Provost’s recommendations are forwarded to the Office of the President for review by an all-university librarians promotions committee appointed by the President in consultation with the Director of Libraries; and
4. Recommendations of the all-university librarians promotions committee are transmitted to the Office of the President, for review by the Director of Libraries and for presentation to the Trustees of Indiana University.

C. A leave program shall be established for librarians which will be administered as part of the faculty sabbatical leave program. The same policies and criteria applied to faculty applications for leave shall be applied to requests from librarians.

D. The rules governing retirement for reason of disability which are applicable to members of the teaching faculty shall be applied to librarians.