Policy E-26

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: Agreement by four State Universities at Request of Governor 1966)

1. The policy here outlined is understood as applying only to full-time faculty members when they are on the payroll.

2. The total amount of time devoted to outside work by an individual faculty member shall not exceed an average of one day a week during the period on the payroll. However, a faculty member may engage in such outside research and consulting activities only provided the nature of the activity is compatible with the broad objectives of the University and will enhance effectiveness as a teacher and scholar. In all cases departmental duties and obligations to the University must take priority over any outside commitments of an income-producing character.

3. An individual faculty member's compliance with the general rules regarding time devoted to outside activities for which there is compensation shall be the joint responsibility of the individual faculty member, his departmental chairperson, and the dean or director of the division.

4. To insure accountability and control of all funds expended by the University, outside funds will not be commingled with the General Fund. It is understood that projects, which are supported by contracts or grants and in which it is expected that full-time faculty members may be asked to participate, will be established in accounts other than the General Fund and must be under full control of the University.

5. No payment in addition to budgeted salary may be made to an individual faculty member from the General Fund except for programs traditionally accepted and approved, such as extension teaching.

6. Faculty members devoting part-time to projects supported by contracts and grants will receive General Fund salary support only for that portion of their time devoted to regular University programs of instruction and research. In no case will the total salary components from General Fund and contract or grant sources exceed 100 percent of the faculty member's normal, budgeted salary rate.

Outside Work by Members of the Faculty

(Approved: Trustees 6/15/51)

Any outside activities of more than casual nature undertaken for remuneration by any full-time staff member should be reported to the chairperson of the department and reported by him/her to the dean of the appropriate division of the University. In no case shall such activities be undertaken if they interfere in any way with the full performance of the duties and service for which the staff member has been regularly appointed to the University staff. Such duties and service shall be construed to include such committee responsibilities and other activities as may be normally a part of departmental and University service and responsibility.

Under no circumstances should a member of the faculty use University equipment and supplies in the carrying out of responsibilities for outside work unless the University is properly compensated for the use of such materials.