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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: Trustees 6/30/72; UFC 4/28/09; Trustees 06/12/09)

Subject to the provisions which follow, a person appointed as a professional librarian in the Indiana University Library system shall have Library tenure after the same probationary period that is applicable to the faculty.

A. In general the same procedures which govern faculty tenure determinations (i.e., probationary period, termination of probationary service, non-reappointment, appeal procedures, etc.) for members of the teaching faculty shall be applicable to professional librarians.

B. Recommendations for advancement to tenured status for librarians are prepared by team leaders, supervisors or other appropriate administrative officers. Such recommendations are prepared early in the academic year which counts as the sixth year for purposes of reckoning years of service towards tenure. (The actual determination of the appropriate year includes credit for service at other institutions which may have been negotiated at the time of the first appointment.) For specific information on the process of preparing such recommendations, see The Indiana University Library Faculty Handbook and campus-specific documents.

Recommendations shall be submitted through the academic administration of each campus with the advice of librarian committees and appropriate professional peers. Administrative structure varies somewhat from campus to campus and among library units on each campus. For specific information on the routing of such recommendations, see The Indiana University Library Faculty Handbook and campus-specific documents. Campus Executive vice Presidents, chancellors and library deans, with the advice of librarian committees, are responsible for submitting tenure recommendations to the President. It shall be the responsibility of the President to submit to the Board of Trustees the names of those recommended for advancement to tenured status.

The dossier constructed in consultation with the candidate provides the evidence upon which the tenure decision is to be made. If additional information is sought or received during the review of the dossier at any level, the candidate and all previous committees and reviewers must be notified and given the opportunity to respond to the additional information. The information and responses shall then become part of the dossier.

C. The above tenure provisions would apply to all professional librarians presently employed in the University Library System who elect to be assigned one of the library ranks approved by the Trustees of Indiana University on February 25, 1972. Tenure status or years of credit towards tenure of professional librarians presently employed would be determined by the procedures outlined above.

D. The provisions of sections A and B above would automatically apply to all newly appointed professional librarians.

E. A librarian whose initial appointment is one of the upper three ranks may be granted a shorter probationary period towards library tenure, the period to be mutually agreed upon and indicated in writing at the time of appointment.

Library Tenure

(Added to Faculty Tenure Statement)

(Approved: UFC 11/30/76; amended 4/28/09; Trustees 06/12/09)

Librarians, on their part, are obligated to maintain high standards of performance in librarianship, professional development/research/creative activities, service, and professional conduct.

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Librarian

(Approved: BFC 1/18/77)

Beginning in the 1977-78 academic year, the granting of tenure to IU-Bloomington librarians shall also constitute promotion to Associate Librarian for those librarians not already holding that rank. The promotion shall become effective at the beginning of the academic year immediately following the one in which the positive tenure decision has been made.