Policy E-5

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: Faculty Council 12/3/68; Trustees 7/27/69; Amended: UFC 2/10/76, 11/30/76, 4/23/91, 4/28/09; Trustees 6/20/91, 6/12/09)

After the appropriate probationary period, tenure shall be granted to those faculty members and librarians whose professional characteristics indicate that they will continue to serve with distinction in their appointed roles. The criteria for tenure and the criteria for promotion are similar, but not identical. (See 4.c under "Policies Governing Reappointment and Non- Reappointment during the Probationary Appointment Period," Policy E-9).

Each campus on which tenure is held (and other units as appropriate, e.g., school, college, department) shall have a document that states with reasonable specificity the standards that will be used to evaluate whether candidates meet the criteria for tenure. The document(s) must comply with the standards of the University and should make their application more specific. The chief academic officer on each campus is charged with the responsibilities of (a) reviewing such documents with respect to whether they are consistent with such documents at higher levels, and (b) maintaining a current file of such documents. Each campus (or other unit) shall provide each probationary faculty member with a copy of the document at the beginning of the probationary service.

If the document changes during the faculty member's or librarian’s probationary period, the faculty member or librarian may choose to be evaluated for tenure under the written standards in effect at the time of appointment. Tenure considerations must recognize the diversity of the missions and the contexts of the campuses of the university and must not ignore the mission of the particular unit as defined in its statement of criteria and procedures and the individual's contribution to that mission.

Tenure will generally not be conferred unless the faculty member or librarian achieves, or gives strong promise of achieving, promotion in rank within the University.