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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved Trustees: 2/18/57)

WHEREAS, under the Last Will and Testament of Addison L. Roache, deceased, also known as Addison Locke Roache, Jr., duly probated in the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles, in the matter of the administration of the estate and said decedent a testamentary trust was created and out of said trust estate there was distributed by the order of and decree of said Court entered as of October 22, 1956 to the Board of Trustees of the Indiana University the residue of said trust estate, which so far as is known is described in the certified copy of said Order and Decree which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, and

WHEREAS, in the Decree creating said trust it was provided that all of said residue of said trust estate distributed to said Board of Trustees of said Indiana University shall be used in establishing a permanent memorial to Addison Locke Roache, Sr., father of said testator Addison Locke Roache, Jr., the character of such memorial to be decided upon by said Board in consultation with the Trustees administering said trust, and

WHEREAS, under date of May 10, 1956 there was submitted to said Trustees on behalf of said Board the following proposal of the plan of such permanent memorial to be known as the "ADDISON LOCKE ROACHE MEMORIAL LECTURESHIP":

1. The Addison Locke Roache Memorial Lectureship will be established as the result of a bequest in the Will of Addison L. Roache, Jr. The principal sum received by the University will be invested in accordance with University policy.
2. Earnings on the invested funds will be used to support a series of lectures to be given at Indiana University from time to time by persons eminently well qualified in their field of interest.
3. Because of the wide interests of Addison Locke Roache, Sr., which were particularly demonstrated in fields of law, business, education, and letters, emphasis will be given to selecting lecturers in these areas.
4. A copy of each Addison Locke Roache Memorial Lecture will be preserved in the University Library.
5. A committee to be selected by the President of Indiana University will administer the Addison Locke Roache Memorial Lectureship.


WHEREAS, said proposal for such Memorial has been approved by the duly appointed, qualified and acting Trustees of said trust, William M. Northrup and Arthur Forman, and has been approved by said Court, as set forth in said Order and decree of distributions; Now Therefore, It is Hereby

RESOLVED by this Board of Trustees of Indiana University that any and all of said trust estate which shall be received by said Board of Trustees, together with all income and profits received therefrom shall be permanently held, managed and entirely used for the sole purpose of said "Addison Locke Roache Memorial Lectureship" under the provisions set forth in said proposal above submitted by said Board of Trustees and approved by said Trustees and said Court.