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This is an archived version of the policy. For current information go here


Establishment of Distinguished Service Professorships

(Approved: Trustees 6/12/53)

[The Board of Trustees approves] the establishment of a limited number of Distinguished Service Professorships. It is felt that a fifth, or top, category in faculty rank will recognize exceptional scholarly and teaching ability, and will enable the University to hold, recognize or bid for the exceptional man. ...Funds for these professorships will come from either general or research funds, as the case determines. Recommendation was made for establishment of eight Distinguished Service Professorships,...to be filled by officers of the University...

Establishment of Name Professorships

(Approved: Trustees 6/5/59)

...In line with previous information discussed, [the Board approves the proposal] to establish three Name Professorships:

1) Rudy Professorship
2) Research Professorship, and
3) University Professorship

Each of these titles will identify the recipient as superior in his/her field of effort and would be a means of recognizing the ability of the individual to be honored with the title. Funds for the Rudy Professorship will come in part from the Rudy estate, for the Research Professorship from research funds, and for the University Professorship from the I.U. Foundation.

Distinguished Professor Rank

(Approved: Trustees 5/19/67)

A recommendation was presented (and approved) to change the title of the special professorial rank from Distinguished Service Professor to Distinguished Professor with the change applicable to those now holding this rank as well as to future appointments.

Distinguished Professorship Committee

(Approved: Trustees 1/23/98)


WHEREAS, there has existed confusion between those faculty members who have named chairs or professorships through endowments and those who have been elected to the specific rank of Distinguished Professor by University-wide procedures; and

WHEREAS, Distinguished Professors are University-wide appointments; and

WHEREAS, the present system of complex titles proves misleading in some cases; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the committee name be changed to "Distinguished Professorship committee";

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that titles henceforth be "Distinguished Professor," dropping any field or disciplinary designation from the title;

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that all current distinguished Professorship titles will be updated to reflect this change.