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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: Trustees 2/23/2001)

Be it Resolved by the Board of Trustees of Indiana University, that:

1. The Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA) is abolished.
2. The Trustees’ Teaching Award is hereby established.
3. The Trustees’ Teaching Award shall be awarded before the completion of each academic year, beginning with 2000–2001, to the following:
a. tenured and tenure-track faculty, and
b. full-time lecturer and clinical faculty whose primary duty is teaching, who have demonstrated that they are the best teachers.
4. The recipients of the award shall receive the sum of $2,500.00.
5. Winners of the Trustees’ Teaching Award are eligible to receive the award in subsequent years.
6. The chancellor/provost of each campus, after consulting with elected faculty representatives, shall:
a. determine whether the awards shall be given at the campus level by schools.
b. establish rules so that the method of selecting the winners is fair.
c. disseminate widely the availability of the award and the criteria for selection.
d. provide a means to recognize the winners, which shall, at a minimum, include a permanent plaque.
7. The money heretofore dedicated to the TERA awards is now dedicated to fund the Trustees’ Teaching Award on each campus for six percent (6%) of tenured and tenure-track faculty and six percent (6%) of full-time lecturer and clinical faculty whose primary duty is teaching, with the balance of the TERA money dedicated to provide base-budget support to FACET.