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(Approved UFC: 4/26/88, 10/13/92)

The University Faculty Council establishes the W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service by faculty and librarians to the University, to a profession or discipline, or to the public.

Purpose. This award is intended to recognize outstanding service by faculty members or librarians in the same way that other annual awards recognize distinguished teaching. Multiple awards may, but need not, be given.

Selection procedures. A selection committee consisting of one member from each campus will be appointed annually by the President. This committee will review the dossiers submitted by each campus and select those to receive the award. In order to be eligible for Pinnell Award, an individual shall have been on faculty appointment with no more than 50% administrative appointment/responsibilities during five consecutive years leading up to the time of nomination. The academic year in which the nomination is made may be counted toward this five year requirement. Individuals on retirement /emeritus status at the time of the call for nominations for this award goes out are not eligible. Each campus may submit up to five candidates for consideration. It is suggested that each campus committee of Faculty Affairs determine campus procedures for selecting candidates according to the following criteria:

1. Exceptional service to the University extending over a period of at least five years which has resulted in greater effectiveness, efficiency, and/or visibility of the University as a result of the individual's efforts. No distinction is to be made between persons who have been appointed to a service role and those who have not; the emphasis is on the exceptionality of the contribution in one or more roles.
2. Exceptional service to a profession or discipline of such a character as to have had a substantial impact on the ways the organization(s) serve and promote members' activities and interests. Again, the emphasis is on the exceptional nature of the contribution.
3. Exceptional service on a local, national, or international level which reflects continuing effort and unusual achievement in promoting the objectives of a public service agency or a public service principle.
4. Exceptional service of a comprehensive nature which demonstrates uncommon achievement in several areas and which reflects both a breadth of involvement and a depth of commitment to the broader missions and interests of the University and its constituents.
5. Nomination dossiers should consist of a letter of nomination and substantial supportive evidence about the variety and quality of service performed; however, the dossier as a whole should not exceed 100 pages. If a nominee's record consists of service in different contexts- university, profession, community, state, or nation--the dossier should be arranged so as to clearly identify these categories.

The Award. Faculty members and librarians who are recipients of this service award will be recognized at the Founders Day ceremony with an award of $2,000, to be funded by the IU Foundation.