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(Approved: BFC 1/19/88; amended 2/2/88)

The Bloomington Faculty Council approves the Herman B Wells Program for Outstanding Young Scholars, subject to the guidelines which follow. The Bloomington Faculty Council approves and endorses the following guidelines that are to govern the recruitment and education of outstanding undergraduate students in all disciplines under an endowment-funded program to be known as the Herman B Wells Program for Outstanding Young Scholars.

1. The funds for all aspects of this program--such as faculty and staff salaries, fringe benefits, student scholarships, administrative costs, supplies and expenses, curriculum development, learning resources, travel, and recruitment expenses--shall be derived entirely from program-specific endowment sources and not be supplemented by General-Fund monies.
2. The merit of all persons selected for this program and the financial needs of particular individuals shall be recognized by financial awards, which are to be administered so that each Wells Scholar will receive a scholarship based on merit. In arriving at the total financial value of each scholarship, some consideration shall be given to need.
3. Indiana University students, who in their freshman or sophomore year have met the criteria of the Wells program, shall be accorded some opportunity to be selected for Wells scholarships for the remainder of their undergraduate studies.
4. A review of the program shall be conducted no later than the fourth year of its operation, and the results of this review shall be submitted to the Bloomington Faculty Council for consideration and possible action.
5. All further planning shall be conducted by the established faculty committee (Wells Committee) in accord with these guidelines, and all courses or curriculum innovations will be approved by the appropriate curriculum committees and departments. The program director shall report from time to time to the Bloomington Faculty Council on the development and implementation of the program.
6. The Wells Program should be implemented only after:
a. Sufficient funds have been raised to insure the program can be financed entirely from the program-specific endowment or other grants or gifts to the Wells Program and
b. The Bloomington Faculty Council has approved a report from the IU Foundation on the current level of funding for the top four faculty priorities in the Campaign for Indiana.
7. Housing plans (including renovation plans) for the Wells Scholars Program shall be implemented only after an agreement has been reached with the appropriate Community Council.

The Bloomington Faculty Council expresses its appreciation to all those who worked on the Wells Program, particularly the members of the three Wells Committees, but also all others who have helped shape the program.