Policy H-19

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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: BFC 9/23/75)

A Bloomington Campus Calendar Committee shall continue to make recommendations concerning the Calendar to the Council. This Committee shall be established this Fall for a three-year period, with the obligation to review its work and to report to the Faculty Council concerning its future constitution and system of operations in the Fall of 1977. It shall be composed of the following members: up to four members to be chosen by the Bloomington Campus Administration, including a Bloomington Campus administrator, who shall be chairperson; two students to be chosen by the Dean of Students' Advisory Committee, eight faculty members, representing, insofar as possible, all academic units on the Bloomington campus, to be chosen by the Council acting on the recommendation of its Nominations Committee.

As early as possible in each year in which a calendar is under consideration, the Calendar Committee, in conjunction with the Educational Policies Committee, shall take such measures as they deem appropriate to solicit the views of the faculty on the main substantive issues connected with the calendar.

The Calendar Committee and the Council Agenda Committee shall coordinate their efforts in such a way that the Calendar Committee shall send its report to the Faculty Council at least a week before the Council shall consider the Calendar.