Policy H-20

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: UFC 4/29/75, amended 4/27/82)

1. In order that students may transfer from one to another campus of Indiana University without loss of time in the pursuit of their educational goals, the beginning and ending dates for semesters and major summer sessions will be approximately the same on all campuses to minimize overlap between two sessions at the various campuses.

2. The usual 3-credit lecture class shall meet for a minimum of approximately 2000 minutes, excluding the final examination period.

3. A standard semester shall contain at least 15 weeks of instruction, including final examinations.

4. A campus calendar committee, with the approval of its respective faculty, will determine the number and arrangement of days needed for student orientation, counseling, registration, and final examinations.

5. Thanksgiving Recess, consisting of at least Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, will be observed on each campus.

6. Following the ending of classes, an appropriate number of days may be reserved each semester for final examinations. At no time should the examination period for the first semester end later than December 23.

7. The Spring Recess should be no more than one week in length.

8. The University's Founders' Day ceremony will be observed on the third Sunday of April.

9. The University Commencement Committee will coordinate the dates for Commencement ceremonies so that the President and other key officials will be able to attend these ceremonies on each campus.

10. Independence Day is to be recognized as a recess day on each campus.

11. In order to facilitate the coordination of calendars within the Indiana University system, the calendar committee for a specific campus will inform and consult with the University Calendar Committee and obtain its approval for any exceptions to these guidelines prior to recommending a calendar to its Faculty Council (or the equivalent approving body).