Policy H-22

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: Trustees 1/24/97)

WHEREAS, Martin Luther King Day is set aside each year as a national holiday to celebrate the life and lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and,

WHEREAS, communities throughout the State of Indiana converge on the Martin Luther King holiday at events which celebrate their diversity and at the same time promote their collective spirit; and,

WHEREAS, Indiana University has, for years, considered what action is the most appropriate way to recognize the life, accomplishments and inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and,

WHEREAS, it is appropriate and consistent with large segments of our community to set aside Martin Luther King Day as a holiday;


Martin Luther King Day, beginning in January, 1998, shall be observed as a holiday on all Indiana University campuses; and All appropriate efforts shall be made by the University to provide events which highlight the life and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on and surrounding the holiday; and

Efforts shall be made to adjust the University calendar so as to accommodate the observance of this holiday. **

**Meaning that classes will not take place on that day.