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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here

Academic Programs in Residential Programs and Services (RPS)

(Approved: Faculty Council 11/02/10)

Residential Programs and Services (RPS) offers a rich array of academic opportunities to students through its Living Learning Centers (LLCs). These programs occupy a liminal place in the curriculum at Indiana University-Bloomington: they offer courses for credit, within carefully-designed curricula, yet are outside any department. Each has a relationship with a school or college, but that relationship, and the practices of the LLCs relating to curriculum and academic, are not currently addressed by any policy of the BFC; in fact, RPS appears nowhere in the Academic Handbook. The policy proposed below is intended to extend the policies that govern other academic programs to those of RPS.

1. All academic programs within RPS benefit from the direct oversight of the appropriate school or college on the IU Bloomington campus.

  • "Academic programs" refers to Living-Learning Centers (LLCs) or their equivalent, granting credit to students within residence halls.
  • "Oversight" means involvement by the faculty of a school or college in the mission statement of the program, in the courses it offers, and in the selection and supervision of instructors for those courses. The OVPUE acts as a repository of agreements between schools/colleges and RPS.

Each college or school should ensure that the RPS academic programs over which it has oversight undergo regular Program Review (as do other academic programs), in consultation with RPS.

2. Directors of academic programs (LLCs) within RPS should hold one of the following ranks at IU Bloomington: tenure-track faculty; senior lecturer; or clinical professor or clinical associate professor. Exceptions can be made for individuals with strong instructional and residential-administrative experience. Such directors shall be appointed with the approval of the Dean of the School or College with which the program (LLC) is affiliated.

3. The teaching record of LLC instructors, who must hold an instructional academic appointment at IU Bloomington, shall be reviewed regularly by the appropriate academic unit.