Policy H-7

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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: Faculty Council 10/3/50)

1. Credit may be given at the rate of one semester hour per week, but with a maximum of six hours credit for extended tours, for work accomplished in organized hours in any field in which we give credit in residence, provided:

a. That the instructor be approved by the department or division and by the Dean of that division.
b. That a detailed plan of the academic work to be done during the travel, including proper provision for checking the students' achievement (by notebook, term paper, examination, etc.) be approved by the department in advance.
c. That the tour is sponsored by Indiana University or by some other recognized educational institution.

2. Credit for travel should not be included in the minimum number of residence hours required for a degree.

3. No credit should be given for individual travel.