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This is an archived version of the policy. For current information go here


The Approval Process

Draft proposals for new programs are first submitted to the Office of Overseas Study for a preliminary review by an experienced staff, who can answer questions about program organization, budgets, credits and university regulations. They can help identify problems or ambiguities so that the proposal is clear and complete. IUPUI, IUSB, and IPFW international programs offices also provide assistance for their campuses and require approval of proposal drafts.

Most proposals for new programs are reviewed electronically by a committee of the Overseas Study Advisory Council (OSAC). In some cases, however, the faculty sponsor may be asked to meet with the members of the full Council to discuss the proposal. Programs are approved with the proviso that the sponsor must adhere to the monitoring process described below in order to receive reauthorization for the program.

Program designs can vary significantly, and could include short-term, stand alone programs (during a summer term or a semester/winter break), semester-long courses with some component overseas (spring or fall break or after the end of term), long-term (semester or academic year) study abroad, or other models. Courses could be designed for limited audiences (a select group of pre-determined students) or open to students across schools or campuses; offered as non-credit or for credit.

Program Types

There are three types of programs that fall under the purview of the Overseas Study Advisory Council:

System-wide programs administered by Overseas Study which include exchanges, faculty-led programs and direct enrollment arrangements that fall exclusively under the responsibility of Overseas Study.
System-wide programs co-sponsored through Overseas Study that are administered by external organizations or institutions with which IU is affiliated.
Autonomous programs which are campus or school-specific that are administered by other offices or units at IU. Some of these are non-credit educational experiences.

Deadlines for Submission of Proposals

Draft proposals may be submitted to the Office of Overseas Study at any time. They should be submitted in electronic format (as attached files to e-mail or on disk or CD). Estimated time for completion of the review and approval process is a minimum of 30 days. Advance planning is essential. The Overseas Study Advisory Council must approve all proposals before any recruiting, advertising, or scheduling for the proposed program begins. Organizers should recognize and consider the time required to obtain necessary course approvals, guarantees of financial support, and to make the necessary logistical arrangements both here and overseas. Ideally, the planning process should begin 12 to 15 months in advance of the program’s projected start date.

For complete instructions regarding the proposal process, see: http://www.indiana.edu/~overseas/policies/proposal.shtml