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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


(Approved: BFC 2/16/93)

Concerning parking and transportation issues:

A. To finance needed improvements in the university's transportation system, a combination of the following funding sources should be used in approximately this priority order:
1. Federal and state grants.
2. As soon as it is feasible, all receipts from parking fines should be retained by the parking and transportation program. In view of current pressures making immediate transfer of the portion of these funds now used for student financial aid unlikely, an amount equal to the average transfer for the last five years should continue to be transferred to the financial aid program, with all fine receipts in excess of this amount going to the Parking and Transportation program.
3. Explore short-term parking.
B. In the use of increased revenues, this priority order should be followed:
1. Provide the recommended miscellaneous improvements in enforcement, car pooling, bicycle facilities, signs, education, etc.
2. Upgrade the university bus fleet and maintenance facility.
C. In addition to an annual report to the Bloomington Faculty Council by the Director of Transportation, after five years, a new task force- composed of faculty, staff, and students--should be created and asked to evaluate progress and make recommendations.

(Approved: BFC 3/2/93)

Fees for all types of parking permits, including meters and structures should be increased, probably annually. Fees for parking permits for full time employees should be based on an income-graduated scale.

(Approved: BFC 3/23/93)

1. The implementation of an ID card in lieu of fare for bus service on campus and in the city and county should take precedence over construction of new parking structures.

2. Fees for parking on campus for persons residing on campus should be raised to more closely reflect the costs of the spaces that are occupied, whether in open lots or in garages.