Policy I-5

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This is an archived version of the policy. See current university policy here


(Approved: Faculty Council 5/21/63; Trustees 6/3/63)


The University recognizes the right of academic appointees to engage in political activities beyond those normally entailed in voting and participating in routine community, state, and national programs, provided that the participation does not prevent the full discharge of the faculty member's academic responsibilities.

Principles and Procedures to be Observed

1. Academic personnel of Indiana University shall be free to participate in political activities on the national, state, or local level such as running for political office, managing political campaigns, and assuming leadership roles in political organizations providing that the participation does not prevent full discharge of their academic obligations to the University. If such participation does prevent full discharge, the individual will be required to request leave of absence for the period of the activity.
2. In any such activities an academic appointee must make clear that he or she is acting as a private citizen and is in no way representing the University.
3. The academic appointee who proposes to engage in political activities shall be required to inform his or her departmental chairperson, the school dean and the Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs or equivalent.
4. Should a disagreement arise between the faculty member and any of the above administrative officers regarding the faculty member's ability to discharge academically related obligations, the faculty member shall be entitled to appeal to the Faculty Board of Review, which shall make final decision. Other academic appointees have other means of appeal.

Political Campaign Invitations, Events, and Activities Guidelines

For information related to these guidelines please contact the Office of the Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations.