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(See DOCUMENT A-II.)A. Academic Ranks, Titles, PerquisitesB. Recruitment for Academic Positions
C. The Appointment ProcessD. Governance and Review
E. Tenure/Reappointment/Promotion/Salary
F. Leaves of AbsenceG. Faculty DevelopmentH. Instructional Responsibilities
I. Professional Conduct and CommunicationsMain PagePolicy A-1
Policy A-10Policy A-11Policy A-12
Policy A-13Policy A-14Policy A-15
Policy A-16Policy A-17Policy A-18
Policy A-19Policy A-2Policy A-20
Policy A-21Policy A-3Policy A-4
Policy A-5Policy A-6Policy A-7
Policy A-8Policy A-9Policy A-I
Policy B-1Policy B-10Policy B-11
Policy B-12Policy B-13Policy B-14
Policy B-15Policy B-16Policy B-17
Policy B-18Policy B-2Policy B-3
Policy B-4Policy B-5Policy B-6
Policy B-7Policy B-8Policy B-9
Policy C-1Policy C-10Policy C-11
Policy C-12Policy C-2Policy C-3
Policy C-4Policy C-5Policy C-6
Policy C-7Policy C-8Policy C-9
Policy D-1Policy D-10Policy D-11
Policy D-12Policy D-13Policy D-14
Policy D-15Policy D-16Policy D-17
Policy D-18Policy D-19Policy D-2
Policy D-20Policy D-21Policy D-22
Policy D-23Policy D-24Policy D-25
Policy D-26Policy D-27Policy D-28
Policy D-29Policy D-3Policy D-30
Policy D-31Policy D-4Policy D-5
Policy D-6Policy D-7Policy D-8
Policy D-9Policy E-1Policy E-10
Policy E-11Policy E-12Policy E-13
Policy E-14Policy E-15Policy E-16
Policy E-17Policy E-18Policy E-19
Policy E-2Policy E-20Policy E-21
Policy E-22Policy E-23Policy E-24
Policy E-25Policy E-26Policy E-3
Policy E-4Policy E-5Policy E-6
Policy E-7Policy E-8Policy E-9
Policy F-1Policy F-2Policy F-3
Policy F-4Policy F-5Policy F-6
Policy F-7Policy F-8Policy G-1
Policy G-2Policy G-3Policy G-4
Policy G-5Policy G-6Policy G-7
Policy H-1Policy H-10Policy H-11
Policy H-12Policy H-13Policy H-14
Policy H-15Policy H-16Policy H-17
Policy H-18Policy H-19Policy H-2
Policy H-20Policy H-21Policy H-22
Policy H-23Policy H-24Policy H-25
Policy H-26Policy H-27Policy H-28
Policy H-29Policy H-3Policy H-30
Policy H-31Policy H-32Policy H-33
Policy H-34Policy H-35Policy H-36
Policy H-37Policy H-38Policy H-4
Policy H-5Policy H-6Policy H-7
Policy H-8Policy H-9Policy I-1
Policy I-10Policy I-11Policy I-12
Policy I-13Policy I-14Policy I-15
Policy I-16Policy I-17Policy I-18
Policy I-19Policy I-2Policy I-20
Policy I-21Policy I-22Policy I-23
Policy I-3Policy I-4Policy I-5
Policy I-6Policy I-7Policy I-8
Policy I-9Policy I-ISee DOCUMENT A-I

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