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for complete policy, see Policy E-9

(Approved: UFC 10/17/72; Trustees 10/27/72 Amended: UFC 10/12/76)

1. Notice of Terms of Initial Appointment

a. Before a faculty member or librarian is appointed to rank in the University, the initial salary, rank, years in rank elsewhere countable towards tenure, and duration of the initial appointment and of the probationary period shall be stated in writing and placed in the possession of the University and the faculty member or librarian.
b. The faculty member or librarian shall also be advised in writing, before or at the time of the initial appointment, of the criteria and procedures employed in recommendations and decisions about reappointment and the award of tenure specified in the handbook. Special procedures customarily employed in the department, school, program, division, or library unit of the University in which the faculty member or librarian is appointed shall be specified clearly.
c. The faculty member or librarian shall acknowledge in writing at the time of acceptance of the appointment that the conditions and terms of the initial appointment, as well as the criteria and procedures for reappointment and tenure are agreed to.
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