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This is an archived version of the policy. See the most recent version here


(Approved: BFC 2/5/02; 4/15/08)

SAA Board of Review Procedures : http://www.indiana.edu/~bfc/docs/policies/SAABoardReviewProcedures.pdf

If resolution of the grievance cannot be reached at the departmental or unit level, or through the SAA Mediation Committee, the SAA may bring the grievance before the SAA Board of Review. The BFC annually elects three faculty members to the SAA Board of Review. No more than two members of the Board may be elected from a single academic division of the University. At least one member should have previously served on the Faculty Board of Review. Each year, the Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) supplies a list of graduate students for potential membership on the SAA Board of Review. The BFC members select three members from this list to also serve on the Board.

An SAA seeking further review shall notify the Chair of the SAA Board of Review in writing of her or his request for review by the Board. His or her written statement should clearly specify the nature of the complaint, the person(s) grieved against, the remedy sought, and the reasons why the remedy is appropriate. The written statement of complaint should be submitted within two months of the incident or series of incidents that gave rise to it. This time limit may be waived at the discretion of the Board. If the case falls within the Board's area of jurisdiction, a formal, private, hearing shall be scheduled no sooner than ten days and no longer than thirty days after the respondent has received notice of the complaint.

Prior to the hearing, the Chair of the SAA Board of Review shall send a copy of the grievance to all parties grieved against. These persons shall submit a response to the Board within ten days of the receipt of the grievance. The Chair will distribute copies of the grievance, the response, and any supporting documentation filed by either party to all Board members.

Both parties will submit a list of witnesses, if any, to the SAA Board of Review. The Board will notify these witnesses of the date, time, and place of the hearing. Additional materials may be submitted to the Chair at the hearing for distribution to all involved. The Board also may request testimony or written statements from witnesses not called by either party. In the hearing before the Board, both parties shall have the right of counsel, or a representative of his/her choice. Both parties to the dispute, or their representatives, may question witnesses presented by the other party. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the SAA Board of Review shall make its written recommendation to the Provost within ten days. All parties will receive copies of the recommendation at that time.

The Board will maintain a record of all papers filed and will arrange for the tape recording of the hearing. Upon conclusion of the hearing, these records shall be kept on file for a period of five years in the BFC Office.