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Final Exam Period/Free Week

(Approved: BFC 9/16/80, 10/7/80)

The campus should take the last two days of the semester, which presently are devoted primarily to examinations, and combine these with the present departmental examination period of three days to constitute a final examination period of five days at the end of each semester. A final examination period shall be instituted on the Bloomington Campus. No major or final examination, except for practical tests at the end of laboratory periods, may be required during the last week of class. In the event of more than three examinations in one day, for the examination scheduled for the fourth time slot, that instructor or that department is obligated to adjust the student's examination schedule, provided the student concerned notifies the instructor or the department by the mid-point of the semester.

Night Exams

(Approved: Faculty Council 11/4/47, 10/1/63)

Night examinations shall be scheduled for multi-section classes only at times no student involved in the examination has a regularly scheduled class at the same hour. In addition, examinations shall not be given outside the regular class hours for the course without permission of the Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Review of Examinations

(Approved: Faculty Council 4/18/50)

All instructors in the University are to give opportunity for review of hour and mid-semester examinations in each of their undergraduate courses.

Examination Files

(Approved: Faculty Council 4/18/50)

Each head of a department in the University which has undergraduate students shall assemble, in the discretion of the several instructors, and transmit to the Director of Libraries, upon request by the Director, five sets of typical weekly or bi-weekly quizzes, hour and mid-semester examinations, and final examinations for all freshman and sophomore courses in the department, together with typical examinations for junior and senior courses.

Absence from Final Examination

(Approved: Faculty Council 1/20/48)

Students who fail to attend the final examination or other closing exercise of the classes in which they are enrolled, and who have a passing grade up to the time of the final examination or exercise,6 should be marked incomplete. The report of marks for other students who are absent from final examinations or closing exercises is left to the judgment of the instructor. No instructor or officer of the University will excuse any such absence in advance. If earlier examinations are requested in emergencies, written permission must be obtained from the Dean of the School in which the student is enrolled.

The student who is absent from a final examination is required to make upon one of the blanks furnished by the Office of the Dean of Students a written statement of the reason for his or her absence, to show this statement to each of his teachers in courses for which he was absent from the final examination or other closing exercise, to receive the signature of each thereon, and to file this statement so signed with the Dean of Students. The Committee on absence will notify the instructor regarding its decision on the excuse.