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Mid-term Reports

(Approved: Faculty Council 1/10/67)

Letter grade reports shall be given at mid-term for all Junior Division students. Faculty members are expected to give each undergraduate student a written evaluation of his performance as early as compatible with the nature of the course, but not later than after two-thirds of the semester or summer session have elapsed. This evidence will normally consist of a letter grade, but could also be recorded in a different manner (e.g., written critique of a paper, written evaluation of the student's total performance). In certain types of courses such as senior or honors seminars, the evaluation might be given orally.

The Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs shall remind each faculty member of the new regulation governing grade reports at mid-term at the appropriate time each semester and each summer.

Bloomington Campus Procedures on Early Evaluations

(Approved: BFC 12/18/09)

Early assessment and feedback about student progress are valuable to students, faculty, and academic advisors, allowing each to make informed decisions. Early feedback is especially valuable for beginning students, and for those taking classes outside their primary areas of interest. To prompt such feedback,all instructors of courses in which there are freshmen or University Division sophomores enrolled, as well as instructors of all students enrolled in General Education Common Ground courses, shall receive a request for a letter grade evaluation of those students in the fourth week of the regular semester, with a submission deadline of Sunday after the sixth week. The method by which an early letter grade evaluation is determined, and the percentage of the final grade which that evaluation represents, are decided by the instructor. This evaluation will be accessible to the student and the student’s academic advisor.

Recognizing that ongoing evaluation of all undergraduate students is important, the faculty further recommends that all undergraduates receive a written or oral evaluation of their performance in a course as early as compatible with the nature of the course, but not later than after two-thirds of the semester has elapsed.

Course Activities

(Approved: UFC 10/6/70)

No member of the Faculty shall have the right to require participation by a student in an activity which requires the absence of the student from regularly scheduled classes, except with the prior written approval of the teacher in charge of the regularly scheduled class. In cases of extended absences, the chair of the department or dean of the school sponsoring the activity should seek the approval.

Faculty Instructional Responsibilities

(Approved: BFC 1/20/81)

The Bloomington Faculty Council charges the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs to communicate to the faculty each semester that: Faculty members teaching courses have the responsibility to provide instruction as scheduled. Variations from the schedule may occur for a variety of reasons, including illness, professional activities, and pedagogical considerations. When such variations occur, it is the responsibility of the faculty member both to provide equivalent activity for the students in the course and to notify the chairperson of the department offering the course of the change in schedule.