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This document has been archived on the BFC site. See current list of IUB academic policies here.


We endorse the principle of the establishment of a campus-wide committee to advise on curricular matters at the campus level, leaving open for further discussion the whole question of the authority of the Provost and Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs on matters of curricular programs, etc.

(Approved: BFC 9/18/79)

E. Program Resolutions:

E.1. Undergraduate student transfers into any school, college, or department of the university from the University Division or from any other school or college shall be made only with the consent of the school, college, or department into which the transfer is being made and upon the basis of standards approved by them.
(Approved: BFC 4/18/78; UFC 11/13/79)
E.2.a.[Tabled: recommendation asked that any curricular change affecting other units should be publicized and cleared through the 'Dean of the Faculties Office.]
(Approved: BFC 4/18/78)
E.2.b.Schools, colleges, and departments should not change their requirements for undergraduate admissions without publicizing their intent to do so. The schools, colleges, and departments should allow a reasonable period of time to elapse between publicizing the changes and instituting changes in standards.
(Approved: BFC 4/18/78; UFC 11/13/79)
E.3. [Tabled: recommendation required that any graduate courses--to be counted toward any graduate degree--must have the approval of the school involved for the content and quality of the course on the particular campus at which it is taken.]
(Approved: BFC 4/18/78)
E.4. Increased efforts should be made to help IU students with internships, work experiences, clinical practice activities, and similar programs in metropolitan areas.
(Approved: BFC 4/18/78; UFC 11/13/79)
E.5. [Tabled: Multi-campus schools should conduct their placement activities in such a way as to give full and equal help to all their students, whatever their campus, with the understanding that this may involve the utilization of differing offices and facilities on different campuses.]
E.6. [Tabled: Where responsibilities for program and budget activities on a particular campus are vested in different Vice Presidents, differences in view as to program expenditure priorities should be resolved by negotiation and mutual consent of the two Vice Presidents or their staffs or--failing such agreement--by the Executive Vice President or President, with as much consultation with representatives of affected faculties as possible.]