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(Approved: BFC 11/16/99)

As members of an institution of higher education, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an environment where each individual is important and can succeed. Our institutional ethic compels us to foster the best possible environment for doing our work as educators, learners, and supporters of the educational process. When any one of our members is prevented from doing her or his best, the entire community is diminished. As members of an institution of higher learning, we must periodically reaffirm the fundamental ethics and values that form the framework for our university.

Among those values is fostering a climate of civility and mutual respect. Because the university is so complex and diverse, we will not always agree with one another. Nevertheless, we expect everyone to speak and act with respect for one another. This civility and respect should be extended to all persons regardless of their role at Indiana University, and regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and age.

If we are to be true to our commitment to diversity and welcoming all, everyone must do his or her part. While no set of rules or policies can wholly govern human conduct, it is important to state that civility is a fragile construct that each of us must cherish and preserve.