Health Insurance Plan

From Handbook for Student Academic Appointees
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A mandatory Student Academic Appointees Health Insurance Plan is in effect for all student academic appointees on appointment at or above 37.5% FTE for a full semester or longer. Appointee coverage becomes effective on the first day of active employment as an eligible appointee. The University or external granting agency pays 100% of the insurance premium for single coverage. Spouse, same sex domestic partner, and dependent coverage are also available.

Dental Plan

For all SAAs appointed at 37.5% FTE or higher, the University will purchase dental benefits for the student. SAAs have the option of purchasing dental coverage for spouses and children.

Eligibility for participation is certified by the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs Office to appointing units. Specific information regarding the policy and coverage is distributed electronically to all eligible participants.

A student insurance advisor is located on campus in Poplars E165 and may be contacted at 812-856-4650 or

For plan details see: