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Definition of Titles

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Duties and Responsibilities Particular to Student Academic Appointees with Teaching Duties

Terms of Student Academic Appointments

Student Summer Appointments

Health Insurance Plan

Other Benefits for Student Academic Appointees

Other Types of Support

Reappointment of Student Academic Appointees

Early Termination of Student Academic Appointees

Student Academic Appointees


Indiana University

Excerpts from the University Academic Handbook and the Campus Academic Guide

Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs


The following pages set forth a number of policies and points of information relevant to student academic appointees on the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University. Additional information is contained in the "Academic Guide" for the Bloomington Campus, a copy of which is located in the office of each departmental chairperson and school dean or at the following web address:

Graduate Student Academic Appointments (Associate Instructor, Graduate Assistant, Research Assistant, Faculty Assistant)

Graduate student appointments are offered by academic schools or departments to selected graduate students. The stipends attached to appointments are considered graduate student support and compensation for the academic duties assigned, and as such are considered to be taxable income. These student academic appointments are independent of other possible awards of financial aid.