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Meet Marria

Can you imagine learning an entire year’s worth of a language in just eight weeks? As a student in IU’s Chinese Flagship Program, Marria is getting ready to launch a global career—and take on the world. Find out more about a day in the life of this Hoosier.

Description of the video:

[WORDS APPEAR: Indiana University presents]

[WORDS APPEAR: One day/one Hoosier, July 9, 2019, with Marria Peduto]

[VIDEO: Marria sits at a table with classmates, listening to a lecturer.]

Marria speaks: Ni Hao! My name is Marria Peduto and I'm an incoming sophomore studying International Studies and Chinese language and culture through the flagship program.

[WORDS APPEAR: Marria Peduto, International studies and East Asian languages and cultures]

I'm also minoring in Southeast Asian Studies, business and the Peace Corps prep program.

[VIDEO: A photograph of Marria in front of the Global and International Studies Building. An instructor points to Chinese characters on a screen. A photograph of Marria with a host family in China.

I came to IU for a visit to see the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies and I decided that Hamilton Lugar provided more opportunities for me to explore things about the world that I was interested in.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria stands in front of colorful banners with different languages. Words on the screen say “Today is great because I love Indiana University,” “#onedayonehoosier,” “Ask Marria!,” and “how is your day today?” in English and Chinese. Marria answers the question in Chinese and gives a thumbs up.]

So, the Flagship Chinese Institute is an intensive summer language workshop where we study Chinese for eight weeks and get through an entire year of language study.

[VIDEO: Marria plays a game outdoors with some friends. She sits in a classroom and takes notes. Students leave the classroom. Marria makes a face at the camera as she walks out.]

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Maria walks down a hall as she says, “We just came from [Chinese word], which is a lecture class that has a larger amount of people, and now we’re headed to [Chinese word], which is a smaller class where we do a lot of drills and speaking exercises.” Words on the screen say “One class down, now we’re headed to a workshop to focus on honing Marria’s spoken Chinese skills,” “#onedayonehoosier,” “Hamilton Lugar School of Global and Int...,” and “@hamiltonlugar.”]

[VIDEO: Marria sits in another classroom, talking to the student next to her.]

The language pledge is definitely the most intense part about FCI. I think that, you know, pledging to only speak Chinese and really work on practicing your pronunciation and speaking with other students is one of the most beneficial parts of this program.

[VIDEO: A phone video shows a bulletin board with many posters about languages. Words on the screen say “Ask Marria!,” “Is there language summer courses at IU? Or any summer study abroad for flagship lang,” “#onedayonehoosier,” and “IU offers the most Flagship programs out of any university in the US!”]

Next summer, I'm planning on participating in the Princeton in Beijing program, where I will study another full year of Chinese in eight weeks.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Maria holds up pamphlets from different countries. Words on the screen say, “IU offers over 350 study abroad programs!” and “For Chinese Flagship, you study abroad every summer and then your entire capstone year.”]

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria sits in a classroom. Words on the screen say, “At Indiana University and @hamiltonlugar we teach more languages than any other school in America.”

I think that every single experience that I have abroad prepares me for not only a career abroad, but a career in the United States working with people from all different backgrounds.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria walks down a hallway. Words on the screen say “Wilkie Auditorium, Indiana Univer...,” “4:59 P.M.,” and “Headed to the Arabic Showcase!”]

Each program from the summer language workshop hosts a language showcase where they have

cultural activities and food for everyone. We're headed to the Arabic one right now.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria and two other students do a short dance for the camera. Words on the screen say “thanks for a great time at the Arabic showcase!” and “6:48 P.M.”]

One of my friends said if IU is home then Hamilton Lugar is a family and I really think that that's true.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, a person uses tongs to get some food from a tray. Words on the screen say “yummy food = [three smiling emojis with hearts for eyes].”]

That was one of my biggest concerns coming to IU was that there's 40,000 students and I was just gonna be lost and a number in the crowd but being a part of Hamilton Lugar has really made me feel like I'm an individual here.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria and another student play Mahjong. Words on the screen say “The goal is to collect 4 sets of 3 and 1 pair. You can also count 3 of the same symbol . . .” and “Here’s the winning set.” Winning tiles are displayed on the tabletop.]

[VIDEO: In a phone video, we see the front of Spruce Hall on the IU Bloomington campus. Marria stands with another student.]

So right now, we are in front of Spruce Hall, which houses the Hamilton Lugar LLC. This is a great opportunity for freshmen who are also interested in International Studies. This is one of my floormates from the year, Leo.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria stands in front of a world map. Words on the screen say, “Ask Marria!,” “Is there a scholarship for your summer program?,” and “Swipe up to learn about the Women Engaged Globally scholarship.”]

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Maria chats with students in class. Words on the screen say “this is week 6 of 8 for these students,” “each day of class is a week’s worth of learning Chinese,” and “plus each hour is a day’s worth of learning the language.”]

Being a Hoosier means that Indiana is my gateway to the world and even though you might not think "Oh, International Studies at IU" as the first place to begin a global career, I truly see this as my launching point for a global career where I'm globally ready and ready to take the world.

[VIDEO: In a phone video, Marria waves at the camera. Words on the screen say “Thanks for watching Marria’s day with us!” and “#onedayonehoosier.”]

[WORDS APPEAR: Indiana University,]


IU advantage

Leadership—Most languages taught of any American university

Experience—#6 in the nation for number of students studying abroad and nation-leading three Language Flagship programs

Research—Sustainability Scholars research program and opportunities at the 1,600-acre Research and Teaching Preserve

Resources—Washington Leadership Program, Mentor Collective, Civic Leaders Center, and much more

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