Recreational Sports

Try club sports on for size

Club sports are a lot like traditional team sports. You have organized practices, and you play other schools, but you don’t have to try out for an official Indiana University team.

Even better, anyone can sign up to play, regardless of experience level! IU has almost 40 club sports on its roster, including everything from aikido to water polo.

Find the right club sport for you

Explore intramural sports

If you want to compete, but don’t want to travel to other campuses, intramural sports could be just the thing.

IU has an ever-changing menu of intramural sport leagues and tournaments. Basketball and soccer are perennial favorites. But sports as diverse as futsal (indoor soccer) and dodgeball are frequently available.

Leagues are split by experience level, but at the end of the day, the goal is just to have fun!

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